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Meet the Packard Dental Team

Dr. Mark Packard
Dr. Mark Packard is the owner of Packard Dental. He is a 2nd generation Dentist at Packard Dental and is able to take care of all of your dental needs. Dr. Mark stays busy outside of the office by volunteering with his congregation at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, serving as a Carlsbad City Councilman, and being a grandpa to 13 grandkids.

Dr. Matt Packard
Dr. Matt Packard is a 3rd generation dentist at Packard Dental. While away from the office, Dr. Matt enjoys playing at the park or beach with his family, practicing the piano, and aspiring to be a better than average golfer. He is the father of three spunky redheads that can sometimes be spotted at the office sneaking lollipops from the front desk.

Dr. Jared Packard
Dr. Jared Packard is a third generation dentist at Packard Dental. He has a young family of two boys and a beautiful wife. Dr. Jared is a homegrown local and acts like it by surfing and playing volleyball in his free time. He also volunteers as a teacher with the high school youth of his Church.